Suntory Strong Zero — Triple Lemon

It's not too often that a drink will make me sit up to take notice on the first sip. Suntory's Triple Lemon caught me off guard with its lemonness and has quickly become one of my favourite 9% beverages currently offered by the company. From the moment the can opened, my nose was hit with the irresistible aroma of lemon tarts. While the drink is nowhere near as sweet as the pastry, the taste is as close an approximation as one might expect.

This offering from Suntory is going to be on the shortlist of things to enjoy from now on.

Suntory Strong Zero Triple Lemon

From what I can tell, Triple Lemon is only available in 355mL cans, which is a shame as a 500mL can is generally priced better. That said, these smaller cans can be found for 98 Yen at grocery stores and are sometimes on sale for as little as 80 Yen. If you find yourself in need of a quick buzz and have a soft spot for lemon pastries, this offering from Suntory will not disappoint.