Suntory Kiwi Sour

Previously I've looked at Suntory's Melon Sour and Cider Sour drinks, both of which were clearly designed for a younger audience in search of a sweet drink despite the name. Today I spotted キウイサワー which, if it stays true to the flavour of kiwi, should be more sour than the previous two flavours. My tongue was not at all surprised when it received a sweet, sweet alcoholic beverage. Another drink designed for young adults.

Suntory Kiwi Sour

Unlike Cider Sour, Kiwi Sour's aftertaste is much less persistent and reminds me of kiwi that's a little overripe. It's not at all unpleasant. Like many other 355mL cans reviewed on this site, Kiwi Sour can be found at grocery stores for about 98円 and at convenience stores for an additional 50円. The 3% alcohol is light enough that a person could consume a half dozen of these before feeling the effects, which makes it potentially reasonable as a lunchtime treat on Fridays for people who work in more relaxed settings.

Much like the other "Sour" drinks, this isn't something that I would reach for regularly but would enjoy from time to time if out with friends.

Suntory Cider Sour

Suntory certainly enjoys putting out bitter and sour beverages that are generally nothing of the sort, and today's treat is no different. サイダーサワー, otherwise known as Cider Sour, reminds me a great deal of ラムネ, another Japanese drink that is generally enjoyed by children. Despite being dubbed a sour drink, the cider went down incredibly smooth and left a sweet aftertaste for a number of hours1. What I liked most about this drink is that it didn't need to be accompanied by any sort of snack. Often times when I have a sour beverage, I need something salty or with a tang to offset it. This wasn't the case with Suntory's Cider Sour.

Suntory Cider Sour

As with many of the 355mL cans I review, this was found chilled and ready to enjoy at the local Apita for 98円. A six-pack can also be had for as little as 398円 so long as you don't mind cooling the cans before consuming them. Like Suntory's Melon Sour, this is clearly something designed for a much younger market. That said, the sweetness is light enough that a person could enjoy one of these while barbecuing in the park.

I might just have another one of these.

  1. Nothing could ditch the aftertaste. I had this can before a 500mL can of Suntory Double Lemon, and the aftertaste persisted. Later I had a cup of black coffee, and the aftertaste persisted. Then I brushed my teeth. Then I had dinner. Even after all of this, there was still a hint of sweet cider in my mouth. It's not at all an unpleasant taste, but it does take a while to fully dissipate.

Suntory Melon Sour

Back in the autumn of 2005 I had my very first Japanese Melon Soda at a boutique mall in Vancouver. Melon soda, as one would expect, is quite sweet and carries the flavour of musk melon. In 2005 the beverage I drank was an imported can of Suntory's メロンソーダ. Today, while on a short trek to the nearby park, I found an alcoholic version of this same drink: Suntory's Melon Sour.

Suntory Melon Sour

The first sip went down incredibly smooth, almost as though it were a soda in and of itself. While the drink is not carbonated, it carries with it the sweetness and aroma of something designed for people in their teens and early-20s. The 4% alcohol content is so low that it's almost unnoticeable, making for a drink that would go well with an adult softball league or an afternoon out with the in-laws. A person can feel a buzz if they drink enough of it, but it will be an active effort to do so.

While this drink is clearly designed for people half my age, it is something I might reach for while having a picnic or just a momentary rest in the shade. Despite its name, Melon Sour is sweet, but not so much so that it would overpower the slight tang in the aftertaste. This 355mL can was found at the local Apita for 98円 plus tax, and a 500mL can be had for 138円. Convenience stores will likely ask an extra 50円.

Suntory's Melon Sour isn't something that I would have on a daily basis, but it is certainly an enjoyable summer treat.

Kirin The Strong — White Sour

Generally when Japanese companies put "the" in front of their product name, you can expect that whatever that product might be to be unnecessarily strong. This is seen for products such as coffee, various sauces, sodas, and even chewing gum. While looking for something new to review, Kirin's "The Strong" stood out as something that should be tried. White soda is something I've come to enjoy from Suntory, and it would be interesting to taste Kirin's 9% take on the drink.

The verdict? It's certainly strong.

Kirin The Strong White Sour

When Kirin puts out a Sour drink, they're not kidding. White Sour went down like a soda with an aftertaste reminiscent of some form of citrus. At 9% alcohol, this one can was noticeable about two-thirds of the way through, bringing a buzz from 250mL like I would expect after a 500mL can of Suntory's Double Grapefruit. All in all, it was an enjoyable can and went down way too quickly. A 355mL can generally goes for 118円 at the local grocery store and will likely be an additional 50円 at the convenience stores. I've not yet found any 500mL versions of The Strong White Sour, but Kirin most likely has them sold in cases rather than individually.

This is something that I'll definitely enjoy again later this summer.